Court Reporting


Best Court Reporters.  Best Record.

Why Davis Depositions For My Deposition?

Davis Depositions court reporters cover deposition proceedings by incorporating digital technologies.  Digital Court Reporting can be viewed as a hybrid between traditional stenographic court reporting, voice-to-text, and video court reporting.  Our  approach not only provides accuracy, it displays how a witness testifies–an important tool for your decision making!

How Do I Benefit From The Davis Deposition Difference?

Verbatim Record – Word-for-word testimony to produce verbatim transcripts

Higher Accuracy – Certified Court Reporters and innovative technology brought together to increase and ensure accuracy

Voice Inflection –  Technology captures hesitations, stammers, changes in thoughts, elevations in voices to judge the veracity of a witness’s statements–verifiable in any language

Voice identification and isolation – Technology enables each voice to be tracked and has the ability to isolate each voice separately to account for everything said.  In situations where traditional reporters throw up their hands due to shouting and simultaneous speaking, we can capture more.  We can also reduce or eliminate ambient noise levels (fans, paper shuffling, et cetera)

“That’s not what you just said”– Instantly eliminate wiggle room for witness to slide in and out of testimony.  Rather than “reading back” testimony, we can instantly “playback” the speaker’s original statements for immediate precision and accountability.

Customization – Various ways to review and prepare for your case including searchable word indexing, E-Transcript®, .PDF, condensed, ASCII, and more.

Simplicity & Reassurance  Your clients depend on you, and you depend on the record.  Depending on the nature of the case, we understand the challenge trying to foresee when our elevated services may be of signficant value.  Our solution is simple:  We provide the same dedicated court reporters and technology at every deposition, so you’ll never have to worry about upgrading your services–it’s our standard.  Either way, you’re still in receipt of a high-quality litigation support!

Let our professional court reporters take care of you and your client!