What makes the difference between Davis Depositions, LLC reporting and stenographic reporting?

The final product for both methodologies is a certified transcript.  In short, stenographic reporting involves reporters who phonetically taken down “shorthand” notes on a steno machine to develop the original record.  The Davis Depositions forward-moving approach involves a court reporter specializing in digital court reporting who will capture what may be lost in stenography alone.  The professional digital court reporter will use a combination of digital annotations, digital voice separation, a laptop, and digital voice equipment to capture a more accurate original record.

What transcript delivery formats are available?

While our standard certified delivery format is .pdf, we gladly provide RealLegal E-Transcript®, .txt, hard copy, indexed, or condensed versions.  Most electronic versions are easily accessible for use on mobile devices from your mobile office.  Please contact our office for unique requests.

How accurate is the certified record produced from a digital deposition?

 Davis Depositions, LLC uses a cutting-edge approach to gather and record word-for-word testimony with unlimited verification.  Our technologies far surpasses just an average recording device and court reporters are highly specialized.  Transcripts are compared with the original digital representation and double-proofed for certified accuracy.

What if I only need the transcript?

No problem.  We use the same technology and approach for each deposition.  Using our service will provide reassurance you’re receiving a transcript with higher precision.  And in case you change your mind, we will have your digital voice deposition ready for purchase as your case requires.

I have digital media from the courts. How reliable are your digital court transcribers ?

 Davis Depositions, LLC is equipped to partner with courtrooms.  Our Digital Court Transcribers are the best at what they do, because it’s all they do!  Their laser-like focus centers on producing an accurate transcript on time, every time.  As an added bonus, our AAERT-certified professionals are recognized by the Administrative Office of United States Courts as qualified to transcribe federal district and bankruptcy cases. 

Can I schedule a videographer?

 Yes.  Please contact our office for all your video deposition needs. 

Can Davis Depositions, LLC schedule an interpreter for my client?

 We work with agencies that provide interpreters for over 100 languages.  When scheduling online, please include the primary language of the deponent or call us if you have questions.  As a reminder, our depositions can verify voices in any language.

What if my case requires travel?

Then we’ll go with you!  We travel to all 88 counties within the state of Ohio.

I need a process server.

We can do that, too!

How do I comply with Ohio Rules governing depositions?

Davis Depositions, LLC fully complies with Federal and local rules governing depositions.  Please visit our Resources tab for helpful links when preparing for your case or call our office for more information.  You may also request a sample Notice of Deposition at the time of scheduling.

Do you have conference room accessibility?

Yes.   We can provide seating for up to 15 participants.